4th day of Fireseek, 594 CY

The Outlanders - Fondling the Paladin's Rod...

Elandre’s Wolf disappears into a tangle of thorny bramble. The thicket proves to be covered in viscid slime and slows their progress into a tiny, crumbling tunnel which leads into a rough-hewn chamber. The group narrowly escapes a cave-in, discovering a hagard captive named Aourland Greymane – the rogue joins them in their efforts to discern the extent of the subterranean chambers, and find an exit.

After recuperating for two nights, the group explores the tomb interior, encountering several goblins and well-placed pitfalls. They recover from their wounds, interrupted by occasional wailing moans from a bordering room. On 8th day FS, they open the door and meet with an undead spirit who tells of her entrapment and asks for their assistance in the recovery of great rod of power once wielded by a powerful paladin in his attempt to thwart the Old One’s incursion. Trystyl Adryl ?).

The Paladin’s rod was fractured into seven segments. The first fragment lay beneath the spirt’s feet, herself surrounded by an incised area of life-draining magics. After some experimentation, the group finally frees the first fragment, Jeremok taking a rather possessive hold of the rod segment. The fragment emits a magical light and seems to indicate that the next segment lies to the north…

The 9th/10th day of FS are spent digging their way out of the tomb. Once free, the party returns to Rookroost for further supplies. Grog solicits an escort job heading to the north – to an undisclosed location. Meanwhile, the other Outlanders look for further information on the Paladin and the rod. Jeremoke pays the library to scribe all treatise works which detail the Paladin, his lineage, and history.

The next few days are spent escorting wagon delivery headed north of the city. Undead litter the path but the group makes their way to Fwak U Keep without casualty. At the keep gates, the other escorts turn on them, forcing battle. The group is victorious, and is admitted to the keep for payment ( 1,500 GP). A warhorse and two pack horses remain in the group’s possession.

Now, on 14th day FS, the group stands just outside the keep and prepares to make their next move…



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